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MyFit Points - Members Reward Program

What is MyFit Points Reward Program?

MyFit Points Program is Fitshop.gr's customer loyalty program and our way of thanking you for supporting us from 2009 until today.

MyFit card not only offes you points that you can redeem with gift cards or direct purchase of products in your next buy but also gives you additional benefits in affiliated gyms, groups and clubs.


How do i collect MyFit Points?

The points increase with each purchase you make in our online store and soon in our physical store. You earn 5 points for each euro of your completed and invoiced order. The points are automatically credited to your account when the receipt is issued. In order to collect points from each purchase you make, you must always use the same account at our online store. For purchases by our physical store you must tell us initially that you are a member of MyFit Points program.


How do i redeem MyFit Points?

  1. Using Giftcard
    • When you reach 2500 points, you can request to issue a 10 € Gift Card which you can redeem online or at our store. You have at your disposal 30 days before it expires. 
    • When you reach 5000 points, you are entitled to a Gift Card worth 25 €. If you would like to redeem it, just let us know. 
    • At 9500 points you are entitled to a 50€ Gift Card. If you would like to redeem it, don't hesitate to tell us.  

      Gift Card can only be used for purchases of equal or higher value products and NOT to pay for the shipping expenses of your order.

  2. Direct Online Purchase - Save money -Pay With MyFit Points
    In each order you will be informed about its equivalent value in points. You can use your points, if they are enough, to repay it.


MyFit Points Privileges

  • Reward points for your purchases
  • Discount in affiliated gyms, clubs, teams and more 
  • The possibility to change products you haven't used for up to 365 days from their purchase!