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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the website fitshop.gr. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before using our website fitshop.gr. If you choose to visit or use our Site, you are deemed to have read, understood and fully comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site.



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Fitshop.gr respects the privacy of its Website's users. Please refer to the Privacy Policy you will find on the website of fitshop.gr, which explains the purpose of using the personal information collected and lists the rights and obligations of the site's users. 


Non-Confidential Information

Except for any applicable terms and conditions set forth in our Privacy Policy, any communication or other material you may send to us via the Internet or by accessing the fitshop.gr Website by e-mail or otherwise, such as Questions, comments, suggestions and the like, our Company will treat and treat them as non-confidential and will have no commitment to this information. Our Company is free to use any idea, concept, know-how or technique contained in this type of communication for any purpose, including but not limited to the promotion of products offered online.


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Exclusion of Liability

The Company will make every effort, as far as possible, to include as accurate and reliable information as possible on its Website, however, it makes no warranty or promise whatsoever regarding accuracy, timeliness or completeness at any time of her Website. The user assumes any risk that may arise from accessing and using the Website. The Company does not give any express or implied warranty, nor does it promise the appropriateness of its marketing objects for any particular purpose. In addition, the Company is not responsible for any unavailability of some of the products posted on the Website. Neither the Company nor any party involved in the creation, design or distribution of this Website will be liable for any damage to the user, including but not limited to any direct, indirect, incidental, incidental, or other damage resulting from any any access, use or inability to use this Site, or for damage caused by any or all of the employee's negligence or omission or any error or omission in its content, unless it is demonstrated that the omission is due to the deception of the fitshop.gr administration itself with the intention of causing harm to a specific user. The exclusion of liability also includes any damage caused by the transmission of the virus to the user's electronic equipment.



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Product Description

Our Company strives to be as accurate and detailed as possible in describing the essential features of the products available for sale through its Website. If, for any reason, you do not have the stated description of a product, please feel free to contact us in order to solve your query and serve you in the best possible way. The Company reserves the right to modify its product description without prior notice. Any such modification will be effective from its appearance on the website of fitshop.gr.


Product Guarantee *

Fitshop.gr guarantees that the quality level of the products sold on the site is at least satisfactory. In the event of a defect in a product, you have the right to request replacement within 14 days of receipt.

For the boxing gloves and more specifically for the brands Venum, Leone and Benlee there is a guarantee of 3 months from the day of purchase and is provided by fitshop.gr itself. This warranty only applies if the gloves are NOT used in a punching bag.

For large items such as treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, etc., the dealer's warranty applies as stated in the product description itself.

* There are particular product categories and brands with no guarantee whatsoever. This particular applies especially to Everlast products such as gloves, sweatshirts, etc. In such cases, this particularity is explicitly recorded in the product description itself.